16 Feb 2018

MOVIE by PROYAS- The Sundarban

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MOVIE by PROYAS- The Sundarban

The sixth day of E-WEEK at BCPSR was graced by being the premiering venue of the documentary by PROYAS team based on the lifestyle of people of Sunderbans. The team of Proyas includes SAGNIK GHOSH, SHAIBAL GHOSH, SOUMYA DEB SARKAR, SUBHAJIT DAS AND SAYAN SIL, who are our talented E-CELL members of BCPSR. They completed the entire documentary registering the problems and conditions of the human lifestyles at Sunderban without any external funding. It mainly highlights on the problems that the residents of Sunderban faces with no help from the authorities. It creates an  awareness among the masses about the situation of residents surviving under the fragile risks to bring the situation to the spotlight so that help reaches the victims. The gathered audience appreciated their work and asked about details to extend their helping hand towards the victims, thus the entire documentary had a positive effect towards the issue which the Proyas team stood for. We hope the team of Proyas evolves with their work and take their talent to a beautiful pinnacle, with E-CELL of BCPSR by their side.

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