12 Feb 2018


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You know what:

E week has started with bang in Parul University

Yes, that’s the news. And it is going to be a headline tomorrow in Gujarat Ecosystem.

You must be thinking – How? What? When? Why?

But first let me tell you how that small big bang occurred.

Let me take your attention to the flashback.  The day started at 10 AM in the morning.

And the whole Utkrama team was present with their arrangements in Central Seminar Hall.

The whole seminar hall was jam packed and was eagerly waiting for the orientation session to start.

Even registration desk was full.

The stage was set and utkrama E-cell leader Jaivardhan started in his usual impactful style.

He was welcomed by huge cheer by the crowd. Not only that there were whistles and claps all around.

He has to personally request students to maintain silence and calm down.

He showed the enigmatic and animated power point presentation to the students. And what e-cell have been doing so far and what plans it has for the E-week.

And obviously the support of National Entrepreneurship Network was well applauded.

After Jaivardhan, it was our most famous and well respected seasoned academician and entrepreneurship evangelist Dr. Shantanu Chakravarty who took up the stage.

His topic was benefits of E-cell in capacity building. He beautifully touched all the points of E-Cell.

And how student body can develop a culture that can help build start ups and entrepreneurial ecosystem.

After Dr. Shantanu it was a well renowned motivational speaker Dr. Pawan Dwivedi who held the mic.

And he gave a very entertaining session on why entrepreneurship is the need of the hour.

And how working on our self is better than working for others at a young age.

He made everyone laugh but did not let anyone go without learning.

And then gave for the Bizquiz where more than 40 teams participated.

Each team had 3 students in it.

And the quiz resulted into a massive hit.

At the end, that was the first day at parul university.

It has set a tone for any other days to come.

You can find the pictures to in the attachment to get influenced.

For time being, wait for tomorrow as we make a headline.

There are more exciting acts and events coming up.

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