12 Feb 2018

Pledge Taking Ceremony

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Date: 10.02.2018

Time: 09:00 – 09:20

On the morning of the 10th of February, a pledge taking ceremony was organised. All the assembled students were given an overview of NEN and its tradition of organising hosting an annual NEN E-Week. This motivated all the students to stay back and take the NEN E-Week Pledge. The members of the E-Cell initiated the pledge taking ceremony, in the presence of our honourable Founder Director, Prof. Dr. Satyajit Chakrabarti. The students were then given details about the various events that IEM E-Cell would be organising, under NEN E-Week which was again met with a lot of enthusiasm. This ceremony concluded with the words of Prof. Dr. Chakrabarti on the importance of Entrepreneurship.

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