13 Feb 2018

Product advertisement

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Product Advertisement:

As the entrepreneurial celebration week progresses, we stepped in day 3 with product advertisement (after expert speak) to check the skills of student.  Entrepreneurs are defined with skills inculcated within. Skills like pitching about the product or themselves (whenever needed), presenting financial stats, and estimating the target market.

The enthusiasm of students was visible as participation overflew. But we had limited time to check the skills of first 10-15 enrollment. Students were seen actually getting involved in the excitement of this event rather than getting involved in some sort of competition (competitive spirit can be seen and felt in the air). Participation was accompanied with entry fee of 100rs each team. And one of the best parts of this events was no one gave up as entrepreneurs do not give up!! (Flow of energy can be seen clearly in this event the best part).

The event started with the introduction of the e-cell and importance of pitching as the method of testing ones expertise. Further the Rules for product advertisement was briefed which were as follows: –

  • There will be a product shared on the spot.
  • Structured thought has to be put across
  • 2 minute would be given to work on idea or recollect the thought and 1 minute for delivering the thought
  • Participant would be judged on parameters like Idea, Promotion and selling skills
  • 1st Prize was of 2000 and 2nd prize was of 1000.

Product that were assigned to sell on with the skills they posses or developed as the time progresses were:

  1. Micromax LED TV
  2. Mascara
  3. Blackberry watch
  4. Rollins Cooker
  5. Gucci Bag
  6. HMT
  7. Khata Aam

Towards the end Aditya Chaturvedi was declared winner followed by Rohini Thakur as Runner up for the same. Different teams shared their experience and how good it feels to be a part of any event of E cell, Token of appreciation was provided to every participant. The E week event made us to remember one thing, make sure in life we always grab the opportunity as entrepreneurs do not lose out on any opportunity in their life.

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