15 Dec 2016

Public Awareness Drive

Public AwarnessOn a hot Sunday morning on February 8th,2015, visitors of the famous Amba Vilas Palace Mysore were surprised to see a group of people wearing blue T-Shirts, standing near the entrance of the Palace with E-Week banners to catch their attention. The visitors were greeted by an enthusiastic crowd from Onyx who were all ready with handouts to educate every visitor about the Make in India Campaign as well as the entrepreneurial opportunities in Mysore. The handouts also mentioned the various steps involved in starting a business.

Foreigners and locals, Young students and adults, children and grownups, everyone was excited to interact with the volunteers. Visitors signed a big banner showing their support towards entrepreneurship and the Make in India Campaign and also appreciated the students’ effort in holding such an awareness drive. After reaching out to thousands of people from various parts of the world in just 3 hours, they set forward for the next major venue: Mysore Zoo.

Like any other weekend, Mysore Zoo was filled with crowd from various parts of the world. Volunteers put up their stalls and waited eagerly for people to approach them. Seeing a lot of people at one place, Rehana Begum, Chairperson of Zoo Authority of Karnataka came down to the stalls to check what was happening. The volunteers of Onyx educated her about Entrepreneurship and told her about the awareness drive. Being extremely supportive, she signed the Banner and also appreciated the team’s work in spreading awareness about a topic which is essential for transforming India.

With two places done and one more to go, Team Onyx reached Chamundi Hills, The Holiest place in Mysore to educate the last set of people for the day. Everyday, Lakhs of people come up to Chamundi Hills to seek the blessing of goddess Chamundi. And on this day, along with blessing they had something more to take away. Volunteers started talking to visitors and people passing by and as the day progressed,many more people started pouring in. The awareness drive went on for two more hours and touched people from varied backgrounds.

Finally, the awareness drive ended after reaching out to thousands of people and managed to get the signatures of people from various parts of the world including USA, Spain, Afghanistan, South America, Japan and many other countries showing their support towards entrepreneurship.

As a part of this drive, various sessions were also held in various colleges in Mysore to educate students.
The students of NIE lit the spark of entrepreneurship in the whole city and covered thousands of people from many different backgrounds and took their first steps towards achieving their dream of turning Mysore into an entrepreneurial hub.

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