13 Feb 2018

QUIZ-E – Knowledge about Entrepreneurial field

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QUIZ-E – Knowledge about Entrepreneurial field

This was an open invite to all from E-CELL BCPSR on 12/02/2018 from 2PM at our institute’s seminar hall, to test their entrepreneurial knowledge. The response from the newest members of our E-CELL was overwhelming, it was at par with the enthusiasm of the college students. The questions arranged by our smart E-CELL coordinators were so much fun that even the audience was overzealous with excitement ! There was total of 5 teams with 5 participants in each team. The entire event included of  5 rounds, that were-

Round 1 : General knowledge
Round 2 : Entrepreneurship jeopardy
Round 3 : Sports

Round 4 : Full forms & Logos

Round 5 : Riddles

The winner and first runner up team was presented with rewards and the audience was awarded with candies for answering every passed on question. Thus another exciting event marked the ending of the third day of E-WEEK at BCPSR.

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