13 Feb 2018


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The Rangoli is not merely a beauty to behold, but it also has a deeper meaning. The tradition is mentioned in the Hindu Vedas. It says that both positive and negative energies dwell around us, and the complicated designs of the Rangolis traps the negative energies, making only the positive ones dwell. It also teaches us that more positive and constructive thoughts will attract positivity. Historically, they were made using Rice Flour, reason is explained in the Vedas, as Hinduism stands on the motto “Vasudaiva Kutumbakam” or “The world is one big family” the rice flour use to serve as food for birds, insects and other organisms. Now, when we look at a businessman or an entrepreneur, we can easily relate the significance to it, the complicated business plans, take away poverty and unemployment, the societies develop and prosper. When we reach high above we decide to pay the society back, working towards a greater good. Which is why all the members of  Navikaran, E-Cell, Jaipuria Institute of Management, NOIDA, put their heart and soul to make a beautiful rangoli that symbolizes their commitment to the nation and the betterment of its people.

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