14 Feb 2018


E WEEK has always filled the institutions with excitement and enthusiasm from across the nation. The zeal with which students and faculty prepare for the event is still something that is worth appreciating.

E-Cell member students of New Delhi Institute of Management, popularly known as NDIM on 13th of February came up with a brilliant plan to raise funds for their E-Cell on campus. They set-up a counter on which they placed some placards which were used by the students to convey a message to a specific someone or play a particular song. The volunteers later conveyed these message requests and charged Rs.20 for each such request.

In this way, they raised a lot of money for the working of their E-Cell. The main event of the day was the ‘One Dollar Venture’. In this game the participating teams were allowed to make a product which had a production cost of Rs. 64 (1$ is equal to Rs. 64) including the cost of skill. The students were asked to present their product in thirty minutes. The best product would receive a cash prize of Rs.1500.
“E Week has motivated students to come out in big numbers and helped students to learn entrepreneurship in fun and interesting way,” said Prof. Teena Singh, Registrar, New Delhi Institute of Management

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