15 Dec 2016

Revitalising Entrepreneurship

07E Week 2015 – Revitalising Entrepreneurship

While I hopped, skipped, and jumped from city to city witnessing the excitement and the adrenalin rush of E Week 2015 on various campuses in Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai, three things stood out prominently across all these institutions – Passion, Pride, and Energy. These intangibles were the driving force of the NEN’s entrepreneurship activities about which HK Mittal of Department of Science & Technology (DST) a few years ago had famously said, “I didn’t know entrepreneurship could be done this way too!”

We certainly have come a long way from the days of explaining to institutes why they need to participate, to today where the community is completely owning and driving the E Week activities. The feeling of ‘belonging’ displayed by the faculty, students, and the management of the colleges is so overwhelming that it makes all the efforts put in by our team more than worth it. If you have noticed, It is no longer just the stories or the experiences of the NEN Trust team members doing the rounds during this carnival of entrepreneurship, today there is so much for us to talk about the trials and tribulations of the students and faculty, the transformations they are bringing about in the community, the entrepreneurs they are creating, their stories of accomplishment… It is just too exhilarating!

All this is without doubt feel good factor. But it is also a reminder that while we have brought about this transformation, it is important that we raise our bar in everything we do – bring in newness in the activities and newer aspirations, and to not only continue being the lead thinkers in entrepreneurship but also be relevant. Let’s share our experiences, learnings and ideas for a better and bigger impact in the coming years.

Asgar Ahmed
Director, Student Entrepreneurship Development – NEN

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