16 Feb 2018

Science Model Exhibition Day 2

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IEM E-Cell has always been a stern believer in the fact that innovation leads to progress. This E-Week, IEM E-Cell has done its part in promoting innovations by hosting a 5-Day long Science Model Exhibition in the Gurukul Campus of IEM.

The second day of the science model exhibition held on the 13th of February was met with even more enthusiasm. Some of the models showcased by the students included –

Quadcopter – A smaller drone with GPS navigation

Hex copter – A drone with six arms, complete autonomous take-off and landing; GPS and camera-enabled

Airplane – An airplane with IC engine

Air Glider – An airplane with belly landing mechanism

Air Mouse – A system where anyone can control all the mouse features(navigation and click) by his/her head movement.

CNC Plotter – A small sized graphics plotter.

Augmented Reality Switch – A virtual switch to control home appliances.

3d Reconstructor – A system which can make 3d image reconstruction from multiple 2d images.

Object Defect Detector – A machine to detect and separate defective object produced in a factory assembly line.

Hacker Bot – A portable machine to check the security of a network.

This exhibition was very appreciated by everyone who witnessed it. It was indeed one of the crowd pullers of this E-Week.

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