19 Feb 2018

SEC Chennai: Breaking barriers, creating wealth and living the entrepreneurial dream

Saveetha College of Engineering, Chennai concluded its week-long festivities held during E-Week 2018 recently. Under the expert guidance of its faculty members like Prof A Gandhi, Dr R Senthil Kumar and Dr N Murthy, the students organized over 110 events, 80 stalls based on 7 themes as part of the E-week celebrations. The theme for the E-Week was, “Live your entrepreneurial dream, break barriers, create wealth, change India.” Students from all batches participated in the week-long festival and were given all the support and encouragement to bring out the entrepreneur in them.

This year, the aim of E-Week at the college was to go bigger, and help every student discover the entrepreneur in them. The faculty and mentors encouraged the students to push their boundaries and become job creators, not job seekers. A plethora of innovative events were organized to bring out the entrepreneur in the participant. The events included challenges like the 50 rupees challenge where the participant was required to create products using minimal resources and market them convincingly. The 30 seconds event conducted aimed at intensifying the spontaneity, presence of mind and persuading skills of the participants.

Business planning workshops were held to enhance the entrepreneurial skills of students and push them to bring out innovation in their entrepreneurial ideas. The workshops also threw light on the benefits of being a job creator instead of a seeker, the importance of planning, time management and so on. Deriving inspiration from the zero-waste village Kuthambakkam, students were encouraged to ‘Go Green’ for E-Week. As part of the competition, they had to buy as many plant saplings as they could and the winning team’s saplings were planted in the college campus. The green initiative however, is not new to the college as SEC students have a dedicated farm where they grow their own vegetables, and encourage self sustainment in the community. The produce is then sold in the campus, and the surrounding colleges.

One of the events held during the E-Week, promoted rooftop farming, a method of cultivating food on rooftops. The practice has ecological benefits and if implemented in large scale, has great entrepreneurial potential. Another prominent event included visits to nearby villages to create awareness on entrepreneurship at small scale levels. Prof A Gandhi stressed that SEC started inculcating the entrepreneurial spirit in students 12 years ago although the word ‘entrepreneur’ hadn’t caught on. However, after the college’s collaboration with NEN and the training has helped the faculty spread awareness on entrepreneurship in a big way, he said. He also added that the interest in entrepreneurship has shot up as the risk factor has gone down in recent times. “The change is due to the number of activities and handholding that helps fledgling entrepreneurs minimize risks. For instance, there are mentors, speedy disbursement of funds, and a great ecosystem,” he added.

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