16 Feb 2018


E Week on campus has always been a gala occasion at MCC, Bangalore. This year was no different. The week started off with a social awareness campaign at Cubbon Park. Here the students were encouraged to understand the nuances of design thinking and its application in the field of entrepreneurship. Some of the events planned with the intent to raise awareness amongst the people were flash mobs, stall setups and a panel discussion. The panel discussion was themed “live your entrepreneurial dream” and was a platform where entrepreneurs spoke about their story and how they got their startups, up and running. All the events were learning specific and was an initiative lead by the college E-Cell to impart knowledge to the students and the public about entrepreneurship.

An interesting event that was showcased at MCC for the first time was the “Startup Crunch.” Here, the students were given the opportunity to pitch to investors and raise funds for their startups. The event ran parallel to the concept of Shark Tank and saw many participants competing for the final honors.

Other event known as the MCC Santhe, a typical flee market was run to help encourage the community entrepreneurs who don’t have mentors and to connect them with the same. A one-day community workshop was also organized which saw a footfall of more than 11k participants. Here, the local entrepreneurs were given a chance to connect with mentors based on a specific business challenge they were facing. This was a conscious effort to help one understand the role mentoring plays in the success or failure of a venture.

The “startup internship day” was a one-of-a-kind event where the students were allowed to participate in an internship drive, whose registrants were only startups. This would not only help students understand what it takes to run a business, but also enable them to imbibe key leadership qualities and abilities to make them the successful leaders of tomorrow.

“The intent of our E-Cell is to enable and empower students and budding entrepreneurs to become job providers rather than just job seekers. Being a women driven organization, it is highly important to make the women have key leadership qualities and empowered them with skill development to help them become more equip in the art of running startups.”
-Prof Sumita, Faculty, Mount Carmel College (MCC)

Amongst other events was a panel discussion which saw stalwarts from various fields grace the occasion and talk about their experiences, insights and learnings encountered while running their startups. A Q&A session, also helped the students gain insight into specific challenges they were facing in their life.

An interesting manner in which the E-Cell raises funds is by selling merchandize such as candles, baked products and other gifting material at the santhe. The E-Cell also uses the system of shares where the students can buy shares and would also receive dividends as per the performance of the event. This is an interesting manner to introduce the basics of shares and the market to the students and at the same time also make profits which would help run the events planned out for E Week.

On speaking with the E-Leaders, the one common thought that resonated was the fact that most of these E-Leaders had seen a significant change in the way they see entrepreneurship on a whole. The additional qualities that E-Leaders and E-Cell members vouch to have mastered are leadership and communication skills which will help make them the leaders of tomorrow, who will further enable the future of tomorrow, to live their entrepreneurial dream.

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