15 Feb 2018


Vivekananda Institute of Technology (VIT) which is a part of the Vivekananda Global University (VGU), Jaipur has been the recipient of E Week awards for the past five years, only driving expectations through the roof, this year.

VGU’s elaborate celebration of E Week 2018, consisted of a whopping 381 events which happened on campus. The primary objective of this year was to drive awareness amongst the public and students about entrepreneurship. Interactive activities and events such as flash mobs and rahgiri shows, in the city, helped attain this objective.

“We are focusing on spreading awareness about Entrepreneurship amongst school students and the public, this time. We have a social media reach of more than 1 lakh and are leveraging the same to promote awareness,” said one of the E-Leaders.

Among the leading events scheduled on the 15th of February were game of trades and a workshop on entrepreneurship which spoke about the common challenges faced by early-stage entrepreneurs across the country and how one should overcome those challenges. A Celeb E-Talk by Mr Rahat Indori, Business Simulation, was a simulation on the stock market, which saw a lot of attention drawn towards it.

The VIT E-Cell’s take on spreading the message of entrepreneurship through fun and interactive sessions helped break barriers and the common misconceptions most people have about entrepreneurship, helping it become a more accessible topic, for the public of today.

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