16 Feb 2018


E Week was celebrated across NIE with the intention of celebrating and sensitizing entrepreneurship on campus. The student E-Cell members took to the streets and schools to help the public and students understand the nuances on entrepreneurship. Here, the students were first enlightened on the basics of innovation and the best practices of pitching an idea. They were then asked to pitch their ideas, thereby giving them real-time exposure on pitching to investors. Additionally, 55 students took the E Week pledge, with the launch of their campus startup as well.

Events such as merger and acquisition, plan to paper were also conducted in the schools, where the basics of merger and acquisitions and ideation were thought on campus through fun filled activities. A movie screening which consisted of motivational videos were also showcased to motivate young entrepreneurs on campus. The screening saw a footfall of about 65-70 participants.
An event called “Jugaad”, which was a business simulation game helped participants understand the different situational variables involved while in running a startup. The event saw a massive footfall of more than 75 participants, who fought for a place in the finals. An interesting session called the “back to route” saw both current and student entrepreneurs talk about their journeys and learnings from the system.

A mentorship talk was also given by the alumni Vice President, Onyx where he spoke about the challenges he faced as an entrepreneur, the benefits of being an entrepreneur and the motivations behind becoming an entrepreneur.

Various public awareness campaigns and public interaction sessions like flash mobs in places such as the Mysore Railway Station, Mysore Palace, and the local mall were also conducted and run by the students. The main objective was to understand the attitude and mindsets of people towards entrepreneurship, and help bridge the gap with more people becoming aware of it. The volunteers were then asked to fill in questionnaires to help understand the mindset towards entrepreneurship in India. They volunteers also interviewed foreigners they met at the station to get an understanding of their outlook towards entrepreneurship in their respective countries which was then compared to the models that are currently functional in India. At the end of every campaign, the students then briefed the participants about the reason behind the workshop and the implications it will have on the mindsets of people. The students also visited local shops and interviewed the vendors, to get an understanding of their outlook and awareness about entrepreneurship in theory and practice.

The signature event was a panel discussion which was attended by more than 200 students which was a huge success and also marked the end of the event. The efforts of the student leaders and the faculty made it possible for the event to be a huge success at the NIE campus.

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