12 Feb 2018

Social Entrepreneurship (Orphanage visit)

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Being an integral part of the  society is to return for the resources we take from them. This ideology is followed by the Jaipuria institute of management, NOIDA. As part of the E-cell, the members are well aware of the help that is given by the society and strongly  believe in the aforementioned motto, we hence paid a visit to Mala Smriti Home, an orphanage located in NOIDA, the organisation is a registered Non-Governmental organisation governed by the Supreme Court of India.This workshop was designed as the part the week long celebration of E-Week, facilitated across the nation by National Enterpreneurs Network(NEN), funded by Wadhwani foundation. A part of the team had already visited the children a day before and asked about their needs, and then committed themselves for delivering them, the kids mentioned that they wanted to learn how to operate an e-mail account, how to draw, how to make crafts and how to use MS Power Point among some other things that included notebooks, pencils, food items, et cetera.
The team reached the home at about noon and without wasting time, they gathered all the children around and started playing with them. Initially the introductions were given by the children and the members of E-Cell. The children displayed their talent by dancing for us and a three year old prodigy took us by surprise, this little one, named Sunny Biswas was extremely good with general knoledge, from naming all the Prime Ministers, to date, to capitals of all the countries in the world. This was an overwhelming experience for all present there. The members then sat with a bunch of kids separately with Laptops, Craft and art items and taught them what they asked for. A bunch learnt to draft an E-mail while some learned how to make bracelets with beads while some made baskets out of papers.
The Mala Smriti home was candid enough to provide a certificate to all the members who rendered their time to their children.
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