15 Feb 2018

Stack it up, dare to laugh, JAM

IMG-20180214-WA0066 IMG-20180214-WA0061 IMG-20180214-WA0065


Rules :

1. The cups have to be arranged from the base of 7 to 1.

2. They have to get it back in the same order.

3. The fastest arrangement wins.

By conducting this event, we’ve successfully encouraged students and spread awareness about the entrepreneurship.


Rules :

1. They will be provided with helium balloons.

2. Having 2 opponents, one has to inhale the gas and the opponent must make sure to control Thier laughter.

This event has worked well to spread the word of being an entrepreneur.

JAM (Just a minute)

Rules :

1. They are a topic on the spot and they are supposed to speak about it spontaneously for a minute.

This brought a smile and enthusiasm in students and gathered more information about being an individual entrepreneur.

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