15 Feb 2018

Start up Time

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On the day 5th , where B-plan workshop had already given a light on what should be practiced. This event was the implementation part of the same. The event was initiated with certain examples that highlighted. It was made clear to individual those who were interested and had the spark to be an entrepreneur that right idea with right target can make miracle.

A simple idea like cleaning car can be million dollar idea as stated by the guest. The picture was made clear with example highlighting the material needed for the same. Net initial investment being less than some thousands and broader picture being crores of turnovers as target market is roughly around 2 Lakh cars in Delhi.

Most sold and maximum revenue generated firm in fields of Masala are not MDH, catch etc. in Delhi its Ghora Chaap who cater to all the local market and the restaurant who takes masala in bulk. The motto was made clear, ordinary product with different market can create millions of profit.

The session ended by giving time to student to work on the idea and implement these different added horizons on the ideas they carry. A report was asked to be submitted by the student at the earliest till the second phase starts.

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