19 Feb 2018

Student-initiated, student-led and student-oriented: E-WEEK at Dr MGR Educational and Research Centre

Students at the MGR Educational and Research Centre, Adayalampattu, Chennai celebrated E Week 2018 with great aplomb recently. This year, everything was initiated and organized by the students, and no initiative was outsourced. For instance, be it posters, graphics or pamphlets, they were all designed and distributed by the student community at MGR. The unique part about E Week 2018 at MGR was that every student from every section and department had to participate in at least one event mandatorily. This was done to inculcate the entrepreneurial spirit in every student based on their area of interest. A 24 hour tech hackathon was organized this year to encourage teams to come up with a prototype within 24 hours for a start-up idea.

“We encouraged everyone to participate, even backbenchers who rarely participate in any activities contributed to the events this year. We ensured that although participation in E-WEEK was compulsory, we didn’t force the students, instead we created a platform for them to showcase their skills in their area of interest. The events were well-co-ordinated and there were no delays as everything was done on time,” said Surya, one of the student-coordinators of the E-Cell at MGR Educational and Research Centre.

To promote women entrepreneurs, a separate platform was organized by the E-Cell members this year. To help build their marketing skills, women were encouraged to pitch their ideas as part of a separate event. Events like Rangoli were organized especially for women participants. Innovative products like the solar panel tree (it helps charge 40 devices at once), toothbrush with toothpaste, and studenter app was initiated by the students. They expect to launch the products soon and take their entrepreneurial dreams forward.

Dr J Arunkumar, assistant professor, Department of Biotechnology said, “The NEN curriculum has helped us inspire budding entrepreneurs in our college. One good thing that has come out of the E-Week is that it has brought about interaction among various departments in the college. The NEN training programme has helped us bring structure to the ideas presented by students. We plan to introduce the NEN programme in our curriculum for those interested in entrepreneurship.”

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