11 Feb 2018


Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College, Coimbatore concluded its E-Week festivities recently. The 7-day fest included activities like an E-talks on entrepreneurial journeys, workshop and event, SREC Bazaar, facial painting, entrepreneurship through upcycling, poster presentation, valediction and price distribution, etc.

Management head Dr. R Mary Metilda, SREC, stressed that the college had been gearing up for the E-week for months. “The college supports entrepreneurial activities and our students participate in events throughout the year. Many of our students are highly competitive and win entrepreneurial events at inter-collegiate events. One of our alumni, P Abhinaya made it until the semi-finals of the Global Entrepreneurship Summit event that was held in Dhaka,” she said.

“We try to inculcate social responsibility in our students, and ensure that they don’t just focus on profits. For the bazaar that we put up, we made sure that the proceeds go to charity. We have used the NEN training module to train at least 150 students and want to train more of them. A lot of our students are already interested in signing up for the course. We also intend to add the module in the curriculum in the future.” she added.

The college also organized a talk with the CEO and founder of M/s Webykart Mr. Thirumalai, as part of E-Week. Mr. Nandakumar, CEO of M/s Pixel Social Media Coimbatore also gave a talk and interacted with the students as part of E-Week. The college introduced a new theme during E-Week this year by promoting ‘Entrepreneurship through Upcycling’ where students were encouraged to create ‘Wealth out of Waste.’ Students made products out of e-waste to increase its utility value. SREC plans to bring in more initiatives in the years to come to promote entrepreneurship among students.

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