15 Dec 2016

Taking The E Week Spirit To Schools

ayan-e-cellAyan, the E-Cell of Thakur Institute of Management Studies, Career Development and Research (TIMSCDR), were actively pursuing E Week @School and educating students at a school inKandavalion entrepreneurship.

Taking E Week Spirit to Schools
Ayan has conducted various activities and competitions like quiz, crisis management, drawing and singing competition through which the concepts of entrepreneurship was taught. The children were divided in a group of 4 each and were asked to compete with each other.
E-Cell members said that the kids were pretty excited to learn the concepts of entrepreneurship and they even had discussions on the different ventures they want to start.

IoT Workshop
Another highlight of TIMSCDR’s E Week celebration was a four day workshop for students that would help them develop new innovative inventions by leveraging Internet of Things (IoT), one of the hottest topics in the industry.

The session started with an overview of IoT, its applications and future prospects. The students were divided into small groups – each group was supervised by a professor and was provided a special kit that consists of an Arduino board, a Raspberry Pi board, jumper wires, breadboard, resistors, LEDs, temperature sensors, motion sensors and other electronic components necessary for learning the concept of IoT. Each component and its working was explained to the group, followed by a demonstration for assembling the kit.

The students were even made to compile, upload, and run several simple programs using the programmable circuit boards.

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