16 Feb 2018


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The prelims for Tarkaalat were held on the 13th of February. The event kick started with the motion for the day, which was “Imposition of taxation on companies which are replacing workers/employees for robots or AI”. After a 30 minutes preparation time, the judge selected the order in which the teams would speak, based on a ballot system.

Each team comprised two members. One member would speak For the motion, the other would speak Against the motion.

Each speaker’s time was 3+1 minutes.


After each team spoke, there was a rebuttal round where any two questions were entertained from opposing teams. This was an interesting round, as it led to heated arguments and the raising of several pertinent points.

The prelims concluded with a few words from our honourable judge, who had a humorous take on the proceedings of debate.

The top 5 teams who qualify this round will be facing each other in the final to win exciting prizes.

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