12 Feb 2018


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E- week had an admirable starting at Bengal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research, Durgapur, on 10th of February, 2018.  Today inspiring talks from invited guests marked the second day of the week. The invited guests from diffrent institutes of Durgapur shared their thoughts, works, and experiences in the field of entrepreneurship. The guest’s panel included-

1# Dr. Indrani Das, from Dr B C Roy College of Pharmaceutical Sciences and AHS

2# Mr. Kali Das Acharya, from Dr B C Roy College as well

3# Dr. Krishnendu Sarkar, from Durgapur Women’s College

They shared some of the encouraging words and informative visions on the ongoing ventures, their impacts and how E-Cell has helped them by playing the role of an incubator,converting their ideas into opportunity for revenue generation. An inventor himself, Mr Kali Das Acharya explained about his device “The Automatic Saline-machine” that can alert the medical staffs for the exhaustion of saline bottles. He also shared about the money spinner side of it and how he, with the help of his college’s E-Cell overcame all adversities. Dr.Krishnanu Sarkar, an economics professor, shared statics about the demands of the health industries and how an entrepreneur with pharmacy-based knowledge can fill in the gap and have a positive impact on the society. The event was motivating and informative along with various ideas about the horizons yet to be conqured in the entrepreneurial community.

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