15 Dec 2016

The MCC Santhe

mcc1Engaging with Community Entrepreneurs @ Mount Carmel College- THE MCC SANTHE

Steven Spielberg once said, ‘The delicate balance of mentoring someone is not creating them in your own image, but giving them the opportunity to create themselves’.

Starting from the previous edition of E-Week , the MCC Santhe has become a signature event for the institution. Mount Carmel College started the Mentoring & Entrepreneurship Development Centre in 2012. Since then the centre has conducted several workshops for women entrepreneurs. However, it was extremely difficult to encourage them to take part , the main reason being – They lost out on an entire day of business . This lack of enthusiasm to be a part of our extremely well planned workshops was understandable considering the fact that our target group were mostly women from the economically backward class.

After a brainstorming session with the E-Leaders, A decision was taken to do a balancing act and thus, the idea of MCC Santhe was born.

The plan of action was pretty simple: From the generic workshop idea, the event graduated to the one-on-one mentoring session which was to be a whole day affair . Entrepreneurs (both men & women) were invited to do their selling on campus . With around 4000 footfalls , this proposal was not very easy to refuse. A nominal fee was charged, considering the fact that nothing given free is truly appreciated.

The outcome has been amazing and the one-on-one mentoring talk have helped in addressing individual issues .
This year, the MCC SANTHE saw the culmination of around 36 Entrepreneurs who put up stalls and exhibited their wares.

This year, like last year was a WIN-WIN situation for both the mentors and mentees . On the whole a great sense of achievement.

It is said that – You can draw a horse to the water but you cannot make it drink . But at Mount Carmel College it seems that SANTHE has drawn the horse to the water AND succeeded in making the horse drink the water too .

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