12 Feb 2018

Trace the untraced

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Trace the untraced:

We all live in a fast moving and competitive world. Yes, this is the same place where once we all had dreamt to be someone unique and different. But, not so different society and single direction system has made us let go the thought we had and made us one among the other. Uniqueness we carried at the time of birth is been shattered and we became one among the crowd. Today on 11 Feb, 2018, we took a pause from the world outside and stood for ourselves. What we have left and let go, took time for ourselves to realize what we desire to do. Answer some questions like do we really wanted to peruse post graduation in the field we are, do we really want to work for an MNC, do we really want to go for a job or the idea on which we are working on to be an entrepreneur is the one for me or not?

    A lot of thought were running across and we were feeling the adrenal run across. On this different day, where we have decided to give something to the orphan people but before we go there few of our thought needed some correction and answers for certain question. We all sat down to re think what we have lost and what we actually look forward to do as individual and ways to contribute to the society. A gathering of around 15 e members was observed to track the lost path and discover what we love the most to do. We all realize whatever we are doing or try to do is not what we actually want.

    Lately some of us were able to really figure out what we actually want to do. It was observed that student across want to contribute to the pet animals and have thought of a venture in the same field to solve the issue of the animals. Pets that we love the most but at times fail to connect and understand their issue. It was also observed hand made products are passion of some students and deliver it to them based on their requirement is what they love. Also students desire to seek learning and want to make better human across is what they aim for and find their happiness and much more.

    Day was concluded with a pledge and with a promise within to follow the traced path that was lost. The path that we have figured out lately and we all wish to live it in the fast moving world.

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