13 Feb 2018

Track it or lose it

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Track it or lose it

No one ever said, it was not easy being an entrepreneur it is an emotional ride with ups and downs joys and disappointment Being keeping this idea in mind the e cell club organized an exciting and a thrilling “Track it or lose it” activity where students participated with full enthusiasm.12 teams took part in the event where they were given 45 minutes each to find their clues. Each team was allotted a company and accordingly they had to find 4 clues which matched according to their respective companies. The teams showed full team spirit since they were in a pair of 2. The team 8 just took 20 minutes to find their clues thus becoming the winner of the event, team 3 being the runner up. The event was to just encourage the sporty spirit and break from usual skill addition work. Even entrepreneurs need break from never ending learning race.

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