11 Feb 2018


GRG College of Management, Coimbatore concluded their E Week celebrations with a baking workshop recently. Every year, the college handpicks students interested in entrepreneurship and helps them build a solid foundation to run a successful venture. These students attend E-talks and also go on visits to various entrepreneurial units organized by the E-Cell. They are given a platform through various events like E Week to demonstrate their entrepreneurial skills.

“As a college, we are very focused towards creating successful entrepreneurs. We regularly hold or screen E-talks with entrepreneurs on the campus. The E-Cell currently has 60 odd members and they are looking forward to starting something of their own,” said Sinduja, the E-Cell coordinator for final year MBA students.

The weeklong festivities entailed a wide array of activities at the college. On the 1st day, founders of A1 chips in Coimbatore paid a visit to the college. The founder brothers S. Rajan, S. Damodaran and S. Murali spoke at length about the journey of A1 chips and offered helpful tips to budding entrepreneurs. It was followed by a Q and A session where they interacted with the students. On the second day, 10 teams started ventures using 50 rupees and came up with some innovative ways to sell products. The third day saw the students put up stalls in the area of their expertise and donated the proceeds to charity.

On the 4th day, students submitted interesting business plans like restaurants for diabetics, animated stories of famous entrepreneurs, small-scale business expansion etc. For the 5th day, painting workshops were held and the E-Cell plans to start an art gallery soon to showcase art pieces by students. The 6th day had the theme, ‘Idea Creation’ where students had brainstorming sessions for innovative ideas to resolve specific problems. For instance, one of the suggestions included a meter to check water usage for homes (to reduce water wastage). The last day had a baking workshop to inspire students, and the students were also asked to provide the E-Cell’s feedback on its initiatives.

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