12 Feb 2018

Women Entrepreneurs

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Date: 11.02.2018

Time: 12:15 – 13:15

In modern day it is evident  that so many women entrepreneurs in India have been just as enterprising as their male counterparts and have made a name for themselves with their ventures. But still in most sectors of the country women have had to struggle a lot more to break glass ceilings and to push society as a whole out of their old ways of thinking to realize the crucial roles women can and do play in helping building democratic systems and sustainable economies.  Yet despite the growing participation of women in politics and various leadership roles in government, business, and society, they are still considered the weaker sex.

IEM E-Cell, in its attempt to bridge this gap, had conducted ‘ Women Matter’, an event to make students aware of the challenges women face on a daily basis and to encourage them to do their part in empowering women, on the 11th February, 2018.

The first half of the session was taken by the E-Leaders Sreejita Gupta, Nishi Suman and Ajanta Dasgupta where they started with a short video shown on advancement of women through stages.

The second half of “Women Matter” was made interesting by Shreya Pramanik, an entrepreneur and co-founder of Renderbit, specially for the women in the audience as it boosted their confidence and encouraged them to keep pushing their limits.Shreya pointed out several women entrepreneurs of the likes of Aditi Gupta(Founder of Menstrupedia) and Preeta Sukhtankar(Founder of The Label Corp) who have made a name for themselves in the business world.She then told the audience about her own story and what it takes to reach where she is now. The students loved her which made the seminar an instant success.

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